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Support The ATSS Foundation with an auction

Companies can host an online/virtual charitable auction to help support The Foundation and our programs. Learn how to plan, promote and implement a successful auction. Profits from your auction are then donated to The Foundation in the name of your company and the high bidder.

Auction Agreement Form



  • Choose a product with high demand in the industry.
  • Hold the auction during peak product demand to attract more bids.
  • Set a defined start and end date/time to your auction. Suggested duration is 30-45 days.
  • Fill out the Auction Agreement Form or contact The Foundation with your questions.



  • Market the auction on your own website (blog posts, banners, pop-ups, etc.).
  • Alert followers regularly and frequently on social media weekly leading up to auction start.
  • Post frequent social media updates during the auction.
  • Complete email or newsletter marketing to your customers.
  • Use grassroots marketing like phone calls and meetings to help spread the word.



  • Auction should be conducted via an auction-style website, preferably hosted on your company’s site. Participating companies have conducted the auction via a section of their website that required a login and active account. This way, you know exactly who is bidding.
  • Prospective bidders should be required to register and create a password to bid. This helps prevent anonymous/fraudulent bids.
  • Provide a detailed description of the product being auctioned, as well as the cause. Provide links to The ATSS Foundation, ATSSA and the product you have chosen for the auction.
  • Work with The Foundation to promote your auction with an article, in newsletters, etc. The Foundation has supported previous participants by including short promotions in ATSSA’s/The Foundation's social media posts and newsletters, as well as the quarterly Roadway Safety magazine. Recommended contact for information: Lori Diaz (
  • Your company’s sales team is vital to the promotion of your auction and bringing in bids. Word of mouth helps to create excitement around the auction and helps make it more competitive.


After the Auction

  • Provide recognition to the auction winner. Reach out personally and thank them.
  • Publicly, social media posts are a good way to recognize the winner and thank everyone who placed a bid.
  • Alert The Foundation of the winner and funds raised. A notice may be included on our social media channels and/or in an upcoming newsletter.
  • If possible, make some small customization to the product to further recognize the winner. (Ex: Add a decal or note stating, “The purchase of this product supported The ATSS Foundation.”)
  • Previous auction hosts have further recognized the winner of the auction with a plaque presentation at ATSSA's Convention & Traffic Expo. This is another good opportunity to thank the winner face-to-face, as well as get a photo together.


The American Traffic Safety Services Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions. The Foundation’s tax identification number is 62-1384292.

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