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Thanks to a PPG Foundation grant, The Foundation helped develop the teen driver program and set aside funds to support the monthly educational scholarships.

Teen Driver

Teen drivers can become work zone safe


The ATSS Foundation has partnered with Oklahoma-based WorkZoneSafe.com to develop and promote a teen driving learning program. The online course is 100% free and now incorporates a national work zone-specific section, thanks to ATSSA trainer input and a grant through ATSSA member and Foundation supporter PPG.


The 30-45 minute Work Zone Safe course gives teen drivers ages 15-19 the opportunity to learn about work zone safety. The program is now being offered as a national course and an Oklahoma state-specific course, with teen behavior in mind. The supplement added in 2022 includes work zone-focused information, like what to do when a driver sees a flagger, what to do while in a work zone, how to get around a truck and more.


Upon successful completion of the online course, teens:

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion,
  • Are entered into a monthly $500 educational scholarship drawing provided by Association of Oklahoma General Contractors or ATSS Foundation (view the scholarship winners), and
  • May be eligible for a safe driver discount through various insurance companies by providing their completion certificate (Cornerstone Insurance Group offers up to 27% off car insurance).


Visit WorkZoneSafe.com and Enroll in the course now.



Watch the free webinar recording to learn more

An introductory webinar, "No More Pamphlets! Modernizing Teen Driver Work Zone Safety," was held Aug. 9, 2-3 p.m. ET, with speakers:

  • Tom Robins, founder of Work Zone Safe
  • Lori Diaz, director of The ATSS Foundation (moderator)
  • Haley Norman, Oklahoma ATSSA Chapter President
  • Paul Harris, Director Oklahoma Highway Safety Office
  • Lauren Parrish, P.E., State Traffic Engineer for Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Marty Farris, Traffic Engineering Division Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Attendees learned how The ATSS Foundation partnered with the founder of WorkZoneSafe.com to help modernize education and engagement for teen driver work zone safety.



In the first year of its adoption in Oklahoma, over 12,000 Oklahoma teen drivers representing more than 250 high schools were educated and engaged on Work Zone Safety. Thousands of new teen drivers joined our highway workers, contractors, first responders, driving schools, agencies and allied associations as partners in work zone safety. Teens learned the importance of work zone safety at hands-on events and online as they were supported, recognized and rewarded for being work zone safe drivers.


This webinar included information on how to:

  • Host hands-on events to educate and engage new teens on work zone safety.
  • Utilize free modernized tools for your chapter to educate and engage new teen drivers on work zone safety.
  • Humanize our industry with new teen drivers as they are supported, recognized and rewarded for being work zone safe drivers.


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