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Greetings Friends and Family and donors of The ATSS Foundation,

As we all look back on the past couple of years through the pandemic, we all expected that work zone accidents would diminish or fall sharply due to lower traffic volumes, but sadly that did not happen. Work Zone companies have seen increased speeds in work zones leading to more severe crashes which sadly includes more fatalities.

This makes our core purpose “to promote roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness programs” even more clear. As a board, we strive to promote our programs even through difficult pandemic times with more purpose and bring our vision of roadway safety to those groups, agencies, and other associations who may not have heard of our purpose. We must always declare that fallen or seriously injured workers never be forgotten. Collaborating with those who share our vision may help us grow our vision to heights we have never seen.

As Chair, I want to thank ALL the partners of The Foundation. Those who participate in all our fundraising activities, and those who help spread our message to those families who need our support more than ever before. We cannot do it without you, and we can’t express our thankfulness often enough.

As we all transition out of some of the most unprecedented times we have ever seen, I ask that you jump on board with us , and help us to continue to grow each of our programs to be better suited to meet the needs of those needing our services.


Kevin Shelton

ATSS Foundation Chair

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Promoting roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness

The American Traffic Safety Services Foundation (The Foundation) works to make zero deaths a reality by offering charitable programs, events, and spreading the word through public awareness. Toward Zero Deaths. Toward Zero Scholarships. Toward Zero Names.



The Foundation is the charitable arm of ATSSA.

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